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August 24th Tornado Damage Survey

This page includes all of our graphics, photographs, and drone videography from our storm damage survey completed on the morning of Friday, August 25th 2023 after the severe thunderstorms and tornado on the night of Thursday, August 24th 2023.

This strong EF-1 Tornado tracked almost 9 miles across portions of Alpine Township and Plainfield Township before lifting just to the southeast of the City of Rockford as the storm became outflow dominant and choked off the tornadic circulation.

This storm would go on to produce widespread power outages as a result of destructive straight-line winds in excess of 80mph and several additional tornadoes.




Power Outage Map from August 24th 2023 shows just how strong this complex of storms was, with widespread power outages throughout much of the state as a result of tornadoes and destructive damaging winds. -Map courtesy of Consumers Energy


Storm Prediction Center Day 1 Convective Outlook from Thursday afternoon EDT. -Image courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center.


Storm Prediction Center official Storm Reports from Thursday afternoon EDT. Green dots indicate severe hail, blue dots indicate severe winds, and red dots indicate tornadoes. -Image courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center.


Preliminary damage path as determined by the WMIWX Damage Survey.


Official, premliminary, damage path as determined by the NWS Damage Survey. Graphic courtesy of NWS Grand Rapids.

West Michigan Weather Drone Video & Photo Gallery from Alpine Avenue (M-37) between 6 Mile Road and 7 Mile Road

This area showcased some of the more significant damage with several wooden jungle-gym-style play structures shredded, a poorly constructed, cinder block building with it's exterior walls destroyed, several blown in/off metal garage doors, and several buildings had roof damage.

West Michigan Weather Drone Video & Photo Gallery from 7 Mile Road between Edajean Ridge and Pine Island.

This area suffered widespread tree damage with several uprooted healthy, mature trees, delimbing of tree branches, trees falling on houses and vehicles as well as a couple of utility poles snapped in this area.

West Michigan Weather Drone Video & Photo Gallery from the Scotview Drive Subdivision at Pine Island & Scotview

This area saw the most significant damage that resulted from the tornado. Falling short of EF-2 damage by just 1mph. This area saw widespread tree damage, RV's flipped over, garage doors ripped off, roofs damaged or destroyed, window damage, and damage to siding, lawn furniture, trampolines, and utility poles.