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Website Change Log

See whats changed since we launched our website!

Current Version: 2.0.2

Full Versions


Launch: July 6th 2022 (Current Version)

Improved the Hazardous Weather Outlook display as well as added links to speed up the process of viewing the remaining outlooks.


Launch: July 2nd 2022

Complete site code revamp to allow a smoother transition with future updates. This update also adds several new safety and forecasting tools including a totally new Weather page with updates to Hazardous Weather Outlooks, embeds that show forwarded messages from the Kent County SkyWarn team, and more.  


Launch: May 3rd 2022

Optimized the mobile use of the site and other bugs.


Launch: April 7th 2022

Redesigned Forecasts & Doppler Radar Page to improve user understanding and provide a more simple, yet professional look to the website.


Launch: April 2nd 2022

Redesigned Forecasts & Doppler Radar Page to incorporate the new short term and long term forecast systems.


Launch: March 29th 2022

Redesigned several pages in terms of function and appeal.

BETA Versions

BETA 1.0.4

Launch: March 20th 2022

Added information and public outreach material to the website for Severe Weather Awareness Week.

BETA 1.0.3

Launch: March 16th 2022

Changed layout of the Forecasts page and added a 'Current Conditions' HTML Code.

BETA 1.0.2

Launch: March 5th 2022

Added FAQ's, support links, and updated several coding errors throughout the website.

BETA 1.0.1

Launch: March 1st 2022

The initial version of the website.

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