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My Story

I'm an avid weather enthusiast alongside my brother Jonah and I am proud to be the co-owner of West Michigan Weather - the accumulation of our weather knowledge and experiences. I remember making our first "documentary" on my Dad's old VHS camera. We called it the "Blizzard of 2011 Show" when we received nearly two feet of snow. This is the first documentation of our passion; however, it has existed longer than that. I remember vividly that I would wake up every night when it stormed and watch the lightning flash and hear the thunder roar for what seemed like hours. Ever since then I've been fascinated. Our goal is to provide those with similar passion to bounce ideas off other like-minded individuals and grow in our understanding of all types of weather, while also providing those who desire to be safe and informed with critical forecasts and life-saving alerts/observations. I look forward to the future of WMIWX and how we can make everybody's knowledge of weather grow.

My favorite type of weather is a Derecho.


Tornado Sightings: 1

Derechos: 2

Blizzards: 2


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