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03/19/2024 - Severe Weather Awareness Week | Day 3: What Is A Watch? What Is A Warning?

Today's Video:

What Is The Difference Between

A Watch & A Warning?

A watch is proactive. It means that hazardous weather is possible in the near future and that now is the time to make the necessary preparations to protect your property, ensure that your shelter is stocked and accessible and that your friends, family, and neighbors are aware of the hazardous weather potential.

A warning is reactive. Requires immediate action to protect life and property. Hazardous weather is imminent or already occurring. Move indoors to a safe location now.

What Is A Tornado Watch?

What Is A Tornado Warning?

What Are The Different Types

of Tornado Warnings?

What Is A Severe Thunderstorm Watch?

What Is A Severe Thunderstorm Warning?

What Are The Different Types

of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings?

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