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Day 1 Update (03-31-2023) | 4:00pm EDT

There is a Significant Risk (41%-65%) of Severe Weather for southwestern Berrien and Cass counties in southwestern Michigan. We have slightly expanded all risk categories north and east.

Storms are expected to impact West Michigan between 7pm today and 1am EDT on Saturday, April 1st. All hazards are possible including isolated brief/weak tornadoes, scattered damaging wind gusts, and isolated Considerable gusts, scattered small to large hail also possible.

The warm front now extends from just north of Milwaukee, WI to Cleveland, OH and is progressing northeastward ahead of the surface low.

A Tornado Watch is now in effect for portions of southern and central Wisconsin, northwestern Indiana, and portions of central and northeastern Illinois as well as the western half of Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, WI out to mid-lake and south to Gary, IN.


An EXTREME RISK delineation has been added to the southwest of our coverage area.


Join our discord at for further updates and to participate in the event discussion.

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