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West Michigan Solar Eclipse Weather!

Today is the day of the solar eclipse!

While western and southwestern lower Michigan will not see 100% totality during the eclipse, today's weather forecast is certainly going to allow for quite a spectacular viewing opportunity the eclipse.

Mostly sunny today with very little potential for clouds to obstruct the viewing of today's eclipse. 	- See solar eclipse infographic for additional details. Showers and perhaps a thunderstorm for Tuesday morning. No severe weather expected. Cooler and damp weather starting Wednesday evening through Friday.

Very few clouds will be present this afternoon. This will lead to very optimal viewing conditions for those seeking to observe this rare phenomenon.

Ensure that you're being safe while viewing today's solar eclipse!

The Total Solar Eclipse will occur today, Monday, April 8th 2024. In West Michigan the eclipse will begin at 1:55 PM, maximum totality will be around 3:11 PM, and the eclipse will end at about 3:25 PM depending on location. If you plan to view the eclipse directly then UV Eye Protection will be necessary to prevent damage from the suns harmful rays. West Michigan will NOT see totality so glasses MUST be left on the entire eclipse. Be prepared for increased traffic congestion and delays. Turn on manual headlights.  Do not pull on the shoulder to view the eclipse. Avoid viewing the eclipse while driving as it will easily distract you from the road. Be prepared for others to be unaware of whats happening and any fearful reactions that could result. Remain calm! It's an Eclipse; not the Apocalypse. Animals and plants may behave confusedely during the eclipse.

Showers and a brief thunderstorm are possible early tomorrow before mostly cloudy skies become dominant for the rest of the day Tuesday and for all of Wednesday.

Rain moves in late Wednesday and will persist through Friday.

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