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Tracking Possible Impacts From Hurricane Beryl In West Michigan

It's not something we do often here in West Michigan but we are keeping an eye on the tropics and #HurricaneBeryl.

This is what we know:

- Hurricane Beryl is currently a Category 1 Hurricane and is positioned just offshore of the Texas Gulf Coast.

- Hurricane Beryl will slowly travel North/Northeastward through the early part of the week through East Texas, the Eastern Great Plains, and finally up into the Ohio River Valley and Eastern Great Lakes region.

- As Beryl moves northward She will slowly weaken from a Cat 1 Hurricane to a Tropical Depression.

- This means that West Michigan will NOT see Hurricane impacts. However, the remnants of Beryl will bring plenty of moisture and we're watching the risk for heavy rainfall, perhaps excessive amounts, and flooding.

Bottom line: expect a very rainy middle of the week! Stay tuned for forecast updates throughout the early part of the week.

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