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Valid 03/10/2023


There is a High Risk of School Closures forecasted for portions of the west-central WMIWX Coverage Area. Significant, Elevated, and Minuscule Risk areas have also been highlighted outside of the areas of the highest confidence.



We've been tracking this event for several days now. Winter Weather Advisories have been posted for the area as models come into good agreement on timing, placement, and amounts.


The general consensus is for widespread snow accumulations between 2 and 6 inches with locally higher amounts, perhaps topping 8 inches, are possible especially along the I-96 corridor from about a Muskegon to Grand Rapids line.


The bulk of the snowfall and the highest snowfall rates are all expected between about 3am and 7am which will result in quite a snowy morning commute to finish out the school week. The timing of the snowfall, combined with the decent forecasted snowfall amounts will likely result in scattered school closings and more widespread school closings along the previously mentioned Muskegon to Grand Rapids line.


Winds will gust up to 35mph but heavy/wet snow should prevent any significant/widespread visibility issues. Isolated areas of intermittent blowing snow are nevertheless possible.

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