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Valid 12/01/2023


Up to 3 inches of heavy/wet snow are expected by afternoon on Friday. Some areas/periods of hazardous travel may exist during the late morning commute. However, no school closures or delays are currently forecasted for Friday, December 1st 2023.


As aforementioned, 1 to perhaps 3 inches of heavy/wet snow is expected to accumulate, especially near and north of the I-196 corridor and just slightly east of the US-131 corridor.

Locally intense bands of snow are possible where mesoscale conditions reinforce atmospehric ingredients needed to produce such snowfall. Hazardous travel will be possible in brief periods of reduced visibility or even white-out conditions in addition to slick/slushy roadways.

What is going to prevent school closures and delays is going to be the timing of this system. Little to no snow will have fallen prior to 8am Friday morning with the bulk of the snow not arriving until 10am or later. This will allow all schools to safely get their students into school prior to inclement weather and hazardous travel conditions.

Of course, WMIWX Forecasters will continue to monitor model trends over the next couple of hours for any significant changes that may lead to some low end risks for school closures/delays Friday morning and will provide updates if needed. Remember to always be #WeatherAware and #DriveSlowOnIceAndSnow

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