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Valid Wednesday 01/10/2024

We've been tracking this winter storm for quite some time now.

The Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning commutes will see the most severe travel impacts. The degree of these impacts will vary greatly across the coverage area based on the placement and timing of the rain/snow boundary.

As of writing it looks like the most school closures will be north of I-96, and especially north of M-46 with widespread snow accumulations in this area of 3-6 inches. Along US-10 widespread school closures are possible, hence the introduction or a red-shaded "Significant" School Closure Probability. In this area, as much as 9 inches of snow are possible.

Stay tuned for future updates on our predictions for Wednesday to be released on Tuesday afternoon/evening! These will be posted to

School closing predictions for Tuesday 01/09/2024 are live now at

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