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Valid Wednesday 01/31/2024

2nd Update - Issued at 5:18am EST 01/31/2023

The Dense Fog that was forecasted to linger through the early morning hours today has somewhat unexpectedly dissipated overnight.

This has resulted in the Dense Fog Advisory being canceled as of 2 hours ago (at 3:00am EST) by the NWS.

School delays are nonexistent as of writing this update here this morning, and while a couple may still come in, we no longer anticipate any form of notable school delay coverage across the area.

Sometimes Mother Nature does things that aren't in line with what the forecast calls for! A reminder to always be #WeatherAware


1st Update - Issued at 10:22pm EST 01/30/2024

Dense Fog has not become as widespread as originally expected earlier this evening.

While several areas are seeing very dense fog, it is not widespread and is more scattered in nature. With that in mind, we do expect some school delays in the green-shaded areas on the map below but any delays that do exist will likely be more isolated than we previously thought.

Areas along the lakeshore are most notably not seeing widespread reduced visibility and the NWS has said that they may "drop these areas from the Dense Fog Advisory."


Original Discussion - Issued at 8:28pm EST 01/30/2024

No school closures are expected for Wednesday.

Widespread school delays due to very dense fog are expected in an area southeast of a Muskegon to Cadilac line and along and south of the I-94 corridor.

Dense fog is expected to reduce visibilities to less than a quarter mile over the entire area and some areas may experience near zero visibilities.

A Dense Fog Advisory is in effect until 9:00am EST Wednesday morning.

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