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Get Updates On Severe Weather Forecasts!

Weather Safety Introduction

Hello West Michigan,

This blog category will serve to provide weather safety information to aid in our mission to make the citizens of West Michigan part of a "Weather Ready Nation!"

West Michigan is no stranger to dangerous weather! Make sure that you're prepared when the weather gets nasty! Michiganders are regularly faced with:

  • Severe Thunderstorms & Tornadoes

  • Heavy Rain & Floods

  • Winter Storms & Blizzards

  • Wind Storms

  • and more!

Within this blog we'll provide you with the best information possible so that you can create safe homes, businesses, schools, workplaces, and more wherever you are in West Michigan!

Check back frequently as we plan to update this blog quite often, especially as we approach Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Michigan!

Additional resources can be found online from various sources including the National Weather Service, FEMA, DHS, and your local public safety agencies.

Let us know if you have questions and what else you'd like to see from us down in the comments below!

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