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WMIWX News | 02-24-2024

Hello WMIWX Community! I just wanted to take a few minutes today and make a couple of announcements!

First and foremost, if you are a patron and/or in the WMIWX Discord Server then I am sure that you're aware of this by now but we are going to be bringing LIVE Storm Chasing coverage to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube this year! We've purchased all the necessary gear and have all that stuff set up and ready to go for storm chasing, possibly as early as Tuesday! Originally, when Owen and I first started to plan for live streaming our storm chases this summer we were going back and forth between Facebook and YouTube as we didn't have the funds to justify Restream (a program that allows streaming simultaneously to multiple sites) but recently, thanks to our wonderful community supporters, we have recently purchased a subscription and are setup to stream to several platforms! We'll start with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and may add more as we go! We hope you'll tune in to these! Find our streams here!

In other news, we just hit 1,400 followers on Facebook and are approaching 500 followers on Twitter! More than 1,800 people viewed our School Closing Outlooks during the Winter Storm in January!

Thank you to all of our followers for being part of the West Michigan Weather community!

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