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Valid 11-28-2023

Initial Discussion:

Overall predictability for school closings across the region for Tuesday is generally less than 15%. However, additional lake-effect snow is expected overnight tonight and into Tuesday morning. This new snowfall will likely lead to several school delays and perhaps a few closings especially near the Kalamazoo and Allegan County Border where a steady band of moderate to heavy snowfall continues to be positioned.

We have opted to issue a 31% - 50% (orange shaded area) risk of school closures for this area and we are anticipating that chances will err to the lower end of that scale. Immediately surrounding this area a 15% - 30% risk area has been highlighted in yellow. Elsewhere green areas indicating a chance of school closures of less than 15% have been introduced. In the non-colored areas, the potential for school closings is too low to warrant the introduction of any kind of risk.

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