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Valid 12/18/2023

Winter Weather Advisories are in effect for all of the lakeshore counties, as well as Lake and Osceola counties. VanBuren, Cass, and Berrien counties are under a Winter Storm Warning.

Locally intense lake effect snow bands are forecasted to produce a wide range of snow accumulations across the region with the highest amounts centered in the warning area but also in the northwestern portion of our coverage area. 1-8 inches with locally higher amounts are expected across the region starting early Monday morning.

Winds will also steadily increase along the lakeshore with sustained winds 15-25mph with gusts up to 50mph. These winds, combined with the lake effect snow, will create areas of near blizzard-like conditions and will significantly reduce visibility, particularly along the I-94 corridor southwest of Kalamazoo.

While conditions will not be particularly hazardous in the morning hours we do expect some schools, particularly in the Winter Storm Warning geographic areas to close in anticipation of the life-threatening travel conditions for the afternoon and evening commute. Because of the day-time timing of this system, we don't have as much confidence in school closings as we normally would for a system this impactful.

We are expecting many lakeshore schools whose districts see higher amounts of snow accumulation to be closed on Tuesday. Our prediction for that is available at

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