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Valid Friday 03/22/2024

We are issuing a School Closing Outlook that features low-end chances of some isolated School Closing potential for Friday morning.

For those of you, us included, who thought we wouldn't see another Closing Prediction this year... well we we're mistaken. We are expecting an impactful system to bring as much as 4 inches of snow accumulation to areas north of I-96 beginning late Thursday night and into Saturday morning. This will likely cause travel impacts to some degree.

At the time of writing, the 18z model suites keep the bulk of the snow accumulation offshore of west Michigan until after the morning school commute on Friday. While changes to this outlook are likely, the current timing of the greatest snowfall is significantly precluding our confidence in issuing higher probabilities for school closures and delays across the area.

There are definetly higher chances of some relativly more widespread early dismissals for areas that start to see travel impacts as a result of the snow, but as aforementioned, snow day chances appear low at best and will be localized to the far west-central lower Michigan lakeshore regions.

Stay tuned for additional updates.

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