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Tracking Low Severe Weather Chances Early This Weekend In West Michigan

West Michigan Weather is tracking low-end severe weather risks for early this weekend. The SPC has placed southeastern portions of our coverage area under a Marginal Risk (level 1/5) for severe weather for Saturday. While the SPC risk covers Saturday, and there is no risk currently outlined by the SPC for Friday...

...the most likely time frame for severe weather will be overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

Substantial uncertainty surrounding this threat exists. The primary issue with this severe threat is the timing of storm arrival which will be away from strong daytime heating and associated instability (storm energy juice).

This will inhibit the ability for storms to remain organized and pose a strong to severe storm threat across this area through early Saturday morning. Greater probabilities exist across the southeastern portion of our area along and southeast of a line extending from near South Haven to near Alma from late Saturday morning to Saturday afternoon as storms move into a modestly more favorable environment fueled by early daytime heating in the warm sector.

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