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SPC Introduces Marginal Risk For Severe Weather In West Michigan On Tuesday

The NWS Storm Prediction Center has introduced a Marginal Risk (Level 1/5) for severe weather on Tuesday, April 23rd 2024.

As shown in the graphics above a low-end risk for some damaging wind gusts to 60 MPH and/or Large Hail to 1 inch in diameter is now apparent in the forecasting models tomorrow.

These storms will likely be low-topped in nature and pose more of risk for small to large hail as compared to a damaging wind threat but that threat.

The primary threat for strong to severe storms will be from 2:00 PM through 10:00 PM Eastern time with the more favorable window for severe weather from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM.

This threat will be on the lower end of the severe threat spectrum, will be short-lived, and will be isolated in nature.

We continue to watch the potential for frost/freeze conditions for the remainder of the week and elevated fire danger across much of the region as fuels continue to dry out as part of the spring green-up.

We are also watching a potentially more robust/widespread severe threat for this weekend and we'll provide additional updates on those threats as they draw nearer.

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